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    Wyckham Point 2012 Summer BBQ

    Hello All, The Wyckham Point Summer BBQ will be on the 12th of May at 2pm in the Retreat! No need to worry about carting down BBQ's as there will BBQ's there on the day. Just bring along some food to BBQ and your choice of drink! Hope to see you all there and that's it a lovely sunny day! :D
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    Wyckham Point Summer BBQ 2011

    Hi All, The next wyckham point summer bbq has been organised. Check the noticeboard by the postboxes for details or ask at the concierge office. There will be BBQ's available on the day, so just bring along some food to grill and your drink of choice. Fingers crossed for another sunny...
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    Things to do in Dundrum

    I moved to Dundrum over a year ago and although i grew up nearby I am always finding new things to see and do in Dundrum so I thought I would share! Most are within 15 mins walk of dundrum. Meadowbrook lesiure centre - Pay as you go leisure centre...