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    Cracking in Houses & Apartments

    has anyone noticed how bad the settlement cracks on the internal walls are? I am wondering is it simply excessive settlement, is it down to a combination of settlement & poor workmanship, or do I have a pyrite problem?
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    how long before a kid is knocked down? I nearly ran over a young kid as I drove down to the back of the estate. He ran out from between the parked cars and didn't even spot my big shiny car! We need those cars away from the main drag. I can't wait until the local authority take over the roads...
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    How Can we Improve Our Development?

    One method stop the kids from cycling/skating/running through the landscaping - they are killing shrubs and ruining the bark mulch, not to mention that we are paying for it through management fees!
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    Management company?

    and don't forget to ask for a detailed copy of their costs before you pay a cent. They will charge for things that they haven't done and overcharge on others. Its endemic in Property Management.
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    Skrinkage / Setting cracks

    Cracks are inevitable - we know that, but the extent is pretty bad. Also most of my doors and frames have shrunk considerably. On two the latches don't even touch the strikong plate and one is so bad that you can see into the room! Personally I think this is down to poor workmanship for the...
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    light bulb for kitchen?

    Look Here
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    The attic hatch should be insulated - mine is (foam insulation glued on). If you own a 3 bed semi and stand in bare feet on the spot above the porch in the small bedroom you may notice it is colder than the rest of the room.
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    loud siren

    Annoying Has anyone complained to the Guards yet - weekends are the worst. I feel like taking a hammer and smashing the bloody thing! :mad:
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    Has anyone got any problems with insulation of the 1st floor above the porch in 3 bed semis? I have a cold spot there and this is making the room much colder than the rest of the upstairs. Unfortunately I am not getting any joy with Durkan whether this area has been insulated,
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    The property management company should enforce the parking - there is at least 1 space per household - most of the problems on the main road into the development is that people are lazy and don't use their allocated spaces
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    Negative Equity

    I'm not bothered about the negative equity - it will all sort itself out in a few years. Don't forget, very few houses are being built but the demand is still there waiting in rented accomodation. Mortgages are not as easy to get now and that is slowing down new sales. If you bought your house...
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    noisy neighbours

    I can hear the builders next door getting the property ready for the new owner - somedays it sounds as if they are in the same building! :mad: Has anyone talked to the Fat Controller (Pat) about this?
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    Ntl / Upc

    Sky/Eircom I have Sky and find it to be very good. NTL simply refused to connect and its their loss but now we get a leaflet every week begging us to change! :rolleyes: As for Eircom and Broadband - I find the connecion and speed to be very good. I listen to internet radio stations and...
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    Allocations I was told by DNG that the 3 bedsget two spaces and the 2 beds 1 - but aren't some of the terraces all 3 beds? Also, the new arrivals are parking all over the place as you enter the estate - what can be done about this?
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    Quality of Workmanship

    look through the documents that Durkan gave you, you should come across it
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    Snagging companies?

    Snagging Pitfalls the first rule of snagging, unless you are a professional building inspector don't do it yourself. You are paying a large fortune for your new home and need to ensure that it is thouroughly checked out. Second rule is don't get a mate/brother/uncle etc just because he works...
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    Mossies The mossies will reappear this year unless Phase 2 gets a move on. The dug foundation excavations are always full of water and that has stagnated, a perfect home for mossies. So if you back onto Phase 2 you might need to get an insectocutor...
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    Speed bumps

    We won't see the wearing course on the main entrance for a long while. Durkan will be using this for Phase 2 and the amount of heavy site traffic covered in crap would wreck it in no time and it wopuld costly to replace. I don't know how they intend to access Phase 2 (whenever it starts) but...
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    Window vents

    ##### screws! I tried to remove the screws - something that the foreman said would be easy (:confused: ), only to find that half of them snapped during the process. Those I stuffed with toilet roll to keep the noise and cold out. Cracla is right, the house does keep warmer and the noise from...
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    Quality of Workmanship

    I am wondering if it is just my house or does everyone have this problem. My "Beech Park" skirting and architraves are shrinking so badly that cracks are appearing in the timber itself, and so much filler and painter caulk was used and that has all opened up. Also, I am getting an awful lot...