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    Anybody had to change their ferolli boiler

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anybody has change their boiler in belfry hall? I have had nothing but trouble with mine from the start, and I have spent about €700 getting it fixed over the last 4 years. Thinking of just getting a new one at this stage as I believe ferolli are the cheap of the...
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    How do I turn off Mains water to have a shower replaced in my ensuite

    Good Morning Guys, I was wondering if anybody here could help me. I have a leak in my ensuite coming from the shower. I had a plumber out last night to fix it and he told me that the shower is broken and I need a new one. He could not find how to turn off the mains water supply into the...
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    Fitting The appliances

    Just wondering did anybody have any problems with cables and pipes when they were getting their washing machine and their hob fitted in block C. My electrician and plumber said that they were missing a waste pipe for the washing machine and a cable to connect the hob????????????????? Any info...
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    Moving in to Block C ?

    Got my keys a few days ago at last......... Thinking of moving in soon enough. Was up there all weekend getting the place ready. How is everybody else doing? When are people planning to move in??????