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    barking dog

    is this in the aparments?
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    Bus transport

    she did get back to me about this again and has pressed the issue butno changes yet.
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    Bus transport

    i was on to aine brady about this a while ago and she told me that she was sending erepresentations to dublin bus, also, the fine gael fella Bernard (cant think of his name), and he sent me a copy of the reply that dublin bus sent him and Emmet stagg have replied to me about this. as far as i...
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    Social Housing

    i have been on to aine brady TD about this, here is the reply: Cormac I will get back to you with a response from Dublin Bus. I have raised this issue with them regularly over the last 9 months or so. I raised the issue with them again last week. I will keep the pressure on. Aine...
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    this is becoming more and more of a problem and again it is with the duplex apartments. we are living in the 3 bed 3 storey houses and are still the only house occupied on the road. however people from the duplex apartments are obviously heeding the letters they got in relation to parking on...
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    Negative Equity

    not planning selling anyway but its still a hard pill to swallow, we just paid 415 for the 3storey (corner unit) in october and now it looks like we have lost circa 30.000 on it. the new phase are going to be all these eco friendly houses etc. they will have some mad heating system but...
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    Mgt Co. Good or Bad / are they doing anything?

    the management has to hold an AGM and it will. the fees for the houses must be nothing compared to the apartments.. how much are the apartments? does anyone know any info on when other houses/apartments will be occupied? its getting lonely over my side! :p . we are the only house...
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    Refuse collection

    we havent had any problems with the waste collection as of yet, trying not to put the bin out too often though and forgot to put the recycling out in jan. was it collected at all?
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    we had a little visitor ourselves recently, we managed to get him after a few days though, he couldnt resist cadbury buttons.......
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    Drinking Water Quality

    i have no problem but we always use the brita water filters. dont know if they make a difference...
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    Duplex Block

    hi there, they look to be doing some work on those duplexes over the past few days, when do you think they will be finished? i bought one of the three stories just across from them and we are totally on our own this side of the estate....
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    Site layout etc

    im afraid the builders will change plans as the market changes and the fact of the matter is that they will lower prices in order sell the units, this will have a knock on effect on the value of other homes but it really is business. when you bought in phase 1 the market was still thriving and...
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    In House Audio

    also think that its v expensive. House is wired for it but 2.5k is too expensive, do many people have it already and if so what do they think about it? flirting with the idea of getting it at the moment,
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    Duplex Block

    I think that the new apartments and the houses are now launching the weekend of the 8 september... that is when ours is ready anyway... :D
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    Duplex Block

    i have been in contact with DNG because we are getting our snagging date sorted and i asked when the apartments etc will be launched and she said that it will be september hopefully(that was a while ago so it could be changed now). October does look more likely to me though, there will be a...